A Reason to Get Behind A.J. Ellis, All Star

When most people talk about the Dodgers, two names always come up: Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp.

This Dodgers team currently holds the best record in all of baseball at 30-14, which is due to everyone on the team contributing, not just Kemp and Kershaw. Players that weren’t expected to do much at all going into this season have stepped up. However, one player in particular has shocked many Dodgers fans with his play so far, and that is A.J. Ellis.

When I say that these players weren’t expected to do much at all, I mean that. Most people weren’t sold on Ellis being the starting catcher for this team when the season began. I actually believe if a deal was in place for another catcher prior to the season, general manager Ned Colletti would have pulled the trigger. Well we are now 35 games into this season and Ellis is showing everyone that he belongs with the best of them. I don’t think Colletti would even consider trading this guy now.

AJ Ellis has been a backup catcher throughout his career in the major leagues, and has struggled to stay in the bigs. In 2008 he only played in four games with a total of three at-bats, in 2009 he played in eight games with 10 at-bats, in 2010 he played in 44 games with 108 at-bats, then in 2011 he played in 31 games with 103 at-bats. So this is his first year as the starting catcher and he hasn’t looked back.

This year with already 113 at bats under his belt, and is hitting .327 with four home runs, 20 RBIs, and is ranked 3rd in all of baseball with a .449 OBP. The one thing people did know about Ellis going into this season was that he knows how to get on base. I honestly think this guy will live till he’s 150 with how much he walks. The amazing thing about Ellis is that he is putting up these kinds of numbers while hitting in the eight slot in the lineup, for the majority of the season so far.

To all of the people that weren’t sold on this guy, you should now be voting him into the All Star game! Believe it or not at this point in the season, A.J. Ellis belongs in the 2012 Summer Classic in Kansas City. This guy has even taken the twitter verse by storm, having his own personal hash tag #AJ2KC. A twitter account was made called AJ2KC, getting the word out to send A.J. Ellis to his first ever All Star game. I think it might be time to get a A.J. Ellis jersey; seriously he has become a fan favorite. So people need to take notice, fill out their all-star ballots, and punch A.J. Ellis a ticket to the 2012 All Star game.


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